Temps en famille





Feu de camp

family time

Living near Saint-Jean lake is to enjoy the freshness of this vast body of water. Bring your favorite watercraft and games : frisbee, scuba, paddle board, watercraft, kite, surfboard and more.


Fishing enthusiasts will keep occupied on this lake. Whether camped on one of the peers that protect the shore, or relaxed aboard their own motorboat, everyone tries his luck to remove a walleye, a pike or even better ... the King of Pekuakami : a superb landlocked salmon (freshwater salmon).



The blueberry bikepath, which crisscrosses the territory of Lac-Saint-Jean, goes right to the heart of Domaine Philippe. That's why many of our visitors choose our site as a starting point for a week-long bike tour of the various beaches that Saint-Jean lake has to offer.

flying kite

On a windy day, your own equipment will be appropriate : the colorful beach kite for your children, or, if you are athletic, your kite ski, your surfboard, your sailboat or other.


When, dancing on the waves, the sun sets on the horizon, nothing like a little campfire with family or friends to revisit your adventures of the day or the most memorable moments of the last hours. Do not forget the marshmallows, s'more, local blueberry chocolate and, why not, a good bottle of wine. To end this stay, nothing better than a small firework display which are only permitted on the sandy beach.