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Company history
The Philippe family owns more than a half-century a large riparian land within the boundaries of the community of Mashteuiatsh in Lac-Saint-Jean. Divided into lots, the central part belongs, among others, to M. Claude Philippe who heads the DOMAINE PHILIPPE SECTEUR CENTRAL ENR. registered in 1997.

This private company is dedicated to rental lovely separate houses erected in an environment where relaxation, comfort and access to the renowned Saint-Jean lake which presenting the striking horizons delight the vacationer. The establishment is part of the Association touristique du Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean and offers a classification 2 stars by Quebec Tourism.

Its website allows visitors to get all the necessary information for a possible rental cottage (available, for some, the 4 seasons) for vacations or extended stays : updated description and photos of cottages, costs, facilities, website panoramic and paths.


The cottages and the environment
Trees surrounded, five Domaine Philippe Secteur central chalets are spread over central sector on Du Boisé Street. The other chalet is on Philippe-Philippe Street whose north side terrace opens to the vastness of the lake. Adjoined to the central sector, a landscape pedestrian path leads Du Boisé Street vacationers from their own chalet to the southwest sandy shore of the great Saint-Jean lake (Pekuakami).

The choices may include : Villa-Soleil with two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 7 people; Villa-des-Cèdres for 6 people; Villa-des-Cyprès and Villa-Festival with three bedrooms for 6 people each villa; Villa-sur-le-Lac and Villa-des-Mélèzes for 4 people each villa.

With constant improvement in off-seasons and a polishing service every change of family, the cottage turns a functional secondary residence.

Thus, with each building, we find furniture, dishes, utensils, cookware, glassware, microwave, coffee maker, teapot, kettle, toaster, hand mixer, placemats, iron and ironing board, hairdryer, clock-radio, color TV, portable radio AM/FM—cassette and CD player.

Shower/bath in Villa-des-Cyprès, Villa-Festival, Villa-Soleil. Shower in other villas. Air conditioning in Villa-des-Mélèzes and in Villa-Festival.

The respective outer includes : picnic table, chairs, swings for very young, adult swing, campfire (most with wire mesh on 4 sides fireplace, fire screen). Wood sold on site, rope/clothespins, portable charcoal grill and propane (on request), space for parking.

At this of inputs, add free and complementary services such as : mini French library, wheel chair, emergency kit St. John Ambulance, wireless Internet.


Customer Domaine Philippe Secteur central is mainly recurring. Evidence shows that  one can make a stay in this place without the irresistible urge to return with friends or family.


Geographic location
On the map, Domaine Philippe Secteur central is located in the geographic center of province of Québec CANADA in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region, in the Ilnu territory Mashteuiatsh, west near the village. A few kilometers further west, the Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien. Not far east of the municipality, the Village historique de Val-Jalbert.


Future prospects
The owner of the Domaine Philippe Secteur central, M. Claude Philippe, constantly reviews its procedures focused on impeccable customer service. Needless to cottages or to increase the area of the perimeter. Everything is focused on customer satisfaction and his right to an unforgettable stay. It is for this reason that the company's future prospects look more on consolidation.

Domaine Philippe Secteur central, an environment to discover where life is good!

-Holder municipal permit Mashteuiatsh
-Member of the Société de développement économique ilnu (SDEI)
-Member of the Association touristique du Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean
-Member of the Société touristique des Autochtones du Québec